Frying has never been easier

Perfect results
The optimum temperature is quickly reached after selecting one of three settings, and is confirmed by an acoustic signal. Once set, the temperature remains constant throughout the entire cooking process. There's no need to change power levels.
Highly versatile
TempControl can be used with all pans suited for induction. No need to buy new cookware. If needed, the round TempControl cooking zone can also be used for conventional cooking.
Easy to use
You can choose from three settings with varying temperature ranges. This ensures that all types of food are perfectly cooked. Many dishes require a sauce for finishing, such as bolognese or ragout, for example. TempControl reduces the temperature based on the selected simmer setting. Splattering sauces are a thing of the past.
High level of reliability
TempControl reliably prevents the overheating of oil or butter in the pan. This provides safety on the one hand, and the optimum cooking temperature is maintained on the other - no more burnt food.
Food warming Plus
Miele induction hobs all feature an automatic keeping warm function, which keeps food at the ideal serving temperature. Models with TempControl also allow the gentle reheating of cold food, such as stews, without any risk of food burning in the bottom of the pan.
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