Whistleblower system and complaints procedures

Miele fosters an open culture and a spirit of cooperation in which those affected can seek advice and voice concerns. In addition to internal channels, we have for many years appointed an external ombudsperson to whom employees and business partners can turn confidentially and anonymously.

The ombudsperson receives tips on possible violations of laws or internal rules (whistleblower system). He is also responsible for the complaints procedure under the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act [Rules of Procedure]. The complaints procedure enables individuals to point out human rights and environmental risks as well as violations of human rights or environmental obligations.

The Ombudsperson can be reached as follows:

Dr. Carsten Thiel von Herff, LL.M.

Loebellstraße 4

D - 33602 Bielefeld

Tel: +49 521 557 333 0 / Mobile: +49 151 58230321

E-mail: ombudsmann@thielvonherff.de

Reporting platform: www.report-tvh.com



Anyone who provides a tip in good faith is protected. All tips will be followed up with the utmost care and with due regard for the rights of all parties involved.