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Superior Hygiene Solutions

Perfect synergy, for perfectly hygienic results

Discover our unique product features and detergents that offer perfectly hygienic results while eliminating up to 99.9% of viruses, fungi and bacteria.

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Go beyond the ordinary

The new Miele Generation 70000 range is designed to be more intuitive than ever before - packed with groundbreaking innovations. Experience Generation 7000 now! #LifeBeyondOrdinary

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Introducing The New W1T1 Series of Laundry Care

The New Standard in Clean

Miele introduces the next generation of laundry care appliances with the W1 range of washing machines and T1 range of tumble dryers. The W1 and T1 range offers an unprecedented level of power, innovation and techonology across all models. Truly enjoy a peace of mind with excellent cleaning and drying performances from our appliances while staying eco-friendly and energy efficient.

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