Laundry detergents

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All product benefits at a glance - Laundry detergents

Cleaning performance

Exclusive to Miele

Powerful enzymes

Outstanding cleaning power

Perfect cleaning: up to 8 powerful enzymes in your Miele detergent deliver the ultimate in clean results.

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Perfect results

Perfect results every time

The specially developed formula for Miele washing machines gives reliable, perfect washing results.

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Stain removal

For clean laundry

Excellent stain removal even at low temperatures

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Exclusive to Miele

UltraPhase – best hygiene

Clean fabrics, clean appliance

Hydrogen peroxide in Miele UltraPhase detergent ensures thorough cleaning for both the laundry and the machine.

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UltraPhase – WhiteBooster

Brilliantly white laundry

Clean and radiant: Miele UltraPhase detergent contains optical brighteners for brilliantly white laundry.

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Efficiency and sustainability

Tips for sustainable washing

Tips for sustainable washing

Clean and sustainable: take advantage of these tips to get outstanding yet eco-friendly laundry results.

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Miele detergents – effective and eco-friendly

For the love of our environment

Great for the environment: Miele detergents are highly concentrated, meaning less packaging per washing cycle.

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Gentle laundry care


Outstanding colour protection

Brilliant colours: ColorProtect keeps your favourite clothing looking radiant for longer.

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Exclusive to Miele

UltraPhase – ActiveOxygen

A gentle way to fight stains

Powerful formula: Miele UltraPhase contains active oxygen that effectively removes stains and protects laundry.

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Exclusive to Miele

TwinDos® automatic detergent dispensing*

Best liquid detergent system in an instant

Cleaner than ever: automatic dispensing with a revolutionary 2-phase system.

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Exclusive to Miele

UltraPhase – tested by the Hohenstein Institute

Quality tested by the Hohenstein Institute

Excellent wash performance for stain removal, whiteness, anti-greying formula, accurate dispensing assured.

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UltraPhase - Designed to achieve the best washing results

Miele UltraPhase

Miele has revolutionised laundry care: no other liquid detergent system washes whites as well as coloureds as thoroughly as the 2-phase system from Miele.

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Optimal results while safeguarding your garments

Laundry Detergents

Our exclusive line of laundry detergents delivers unrivalled quality and performance, with specialised options for any cleaning task, and fragrances to match your preference.  

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Tailored Care For Specific Fabrics

Special Purpose Detergent

For special items such as down jackets and pillows, so they can be safely and thoroughly washed while preserving their unique qualities. Discover all benefits and how it works. 

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Experience the Power and Convenience of Caps

Laundry Detergent Capsules

Designed to thoroughly clean and preserve your valued fabrics and garments, our caps complement the performance of your Miele washing machine.

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