Accessories for baking and steam cooking

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FlexiClip fully telescopic runners

FlexiClip fully telescopic runners

Telescopic runners allow baking trays, racks or Gourmet oven dishes to be pulled clear of the cooking compartment.

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Perforated baking trays

For baked goods and pizzas

Perforated baking trays are perfect for baking crisp baked goods and crispy pizzas.

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Low-fat cooking

Crunchy French fries or crispy poultry are cooked using a hot air stream without adding any fat.

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Exclusive to Miele

PerfectClean finish

Unique non-stick finish

The exclusive PerfectClean finish prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning much easier

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Automatic cleaning, including accessories!

PyroFit's pyrolytic cleaning gives a radiant clean every time for side runners, racks and FlexiClip runners.

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Things worth knowing about Miele accessories for baking and steam cooking

Accessories for baking and steaming

For perfect results

We offer a comprehensive range of original Miele accessories so that you can achieve perfect results every time with your Miele kitchen appliances. These have been specifically developed for Miele kitchen appliances. This allows you to adapt your appliances to suit your personal requirements and application needs, utilising all functions of your Miele appliance to the full.

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Original Miele baking and universal trays

Suitable for any requirement

To ensure you can start preparing delicious dishes straight away, Miele cookers, ovens, Dialog ovens and combination steam ovens are equipped with various accessories. To help you get the most out of the oven compartment with different operating modes in your appliance, Miele also provides baking and universal trays – tailored to each intended purpose.

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Gourmet oven dish

Highly versatile

Whether you’re preparing a tasty potato gratin or you want to roast a joint until it’s crisp on the outside, so much is possible with Miele’s Gourmet oven dishes. We provide these for our cookers, ovens, Dialog ovens and combination steam ovens – always tailored exactly to the appliance’s dimensions.

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Original Miele grilling and roasting inserts

For delicious sauces

A successful roast is not complete without a delicious sauce – and with Miele grilling and roasting inserts, it’s easy to retain the meat juices for making it. The inserts are placed on the matching Miele universal trays during grilling or roasting.

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Steam oven containers and lids

Wide range of accessories for steam ovens

A plethora of choice: we provide a wide range of practical and high-quality steam oven containers so you can use your steam oven however you like.

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Original Miele wire racks

For grilling and roasting

Get more out of your Miele cooker, oven, Dialog oven or combination steam oven with additional Miele baking and roasting racks. They help you to use your oven compartment to a much greater degree and bake and roast on several oven levels at the same time, giving you more flexibility when cooking.

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