Miele W1 & T1 – A New Generation of Fashion-Conscious Laundry Care

6th June, 2015


Miele Levels up Perfect Cleaning with its latest Range of Washing Machines


Miele introduces the next generation of W1 range of washing machines. The range offers an unprecedented level of power, innovation and technology across all models providing the best care to your laundry while staying eco-friendly and energy efficient.

The Miele W1 Washing Machines are aesthetically very charming and flaunt a series of revolutionary technologies that ensure excellent performance for every type of fabric. The series is an outcome of four major pillars: Quality, Laundrycare, Convenience and Ecology.

Some innovative features that have been woven together for perfect results are here:


This innovative technology by Miele ensures to achieve cleaning performance at a speed that has never been achieved before in laundry care. This system ensures intensive drenching of clothes in water and effective use of the detergent which increases machine’s efficiency by 10%. The technology also benefits the environment as the electricity consumption is reduced and the appliance works 20% more economically than required for an A+++ energy efficiency rating. Laundry up to 5 kgs is cleaned without compromising on quality.


This feature offers maximum efficiency as TwinDos dispenses detergent and fabric conditioner at appropriate times during the washing process achieving the highest level of wash performance for whites and coloured clothes. Depending upon the degree of soiling the user can select intensity of cleaning process while an automatic sensor determines the volume of wash & calculates the exact amount of detergent and detergent enhancer to release. The system is Exclusive to Miele and certified by Oko-Institut to deliver approximately 30% in detergent savings and a 30% reduction in greenhouse effect ensuring the appliance’s eco-friendly status.


This Exclusive feature flaunts a dedicated section to dispense special detergents, fabric conditioners and reproofing agents from single-use capsules, the machine will ensure that you do not require to visit the dry cleaner anymore. The user can choose from Miele capsules suited for special applications.

Mixed Load Programme

Benefit from this Exclusive to Miele system by saving on time and energy as the function allows you to wash up to 19 different garments at the same time.

Stains Option

This exclusive feature by Miele allows you to choose up to 3 specific stain types from a selection of 23 per wash cycle and get excellent stain removal results.


This provides a consumption forecast when selecting a programme and full summary at the end of the cycle.

ProfiEco Motor

Miele ProfiEco motors are powerful, economical and maintenance-free ensuring you experience efficient and quiet performance for years to come.

Programme Manager

This exclusive to Miele feature allows you to choose from five options (intensive, Eco, Extra Gentle, Extra Quiet and AllergoWash) to meet your personal requirements at the touch of a button.

Softsteam Honeycomb Drum With Pre-ironing

Apart from the exclusive features offered by the patented honeycomb drums, the Softsteam Drum has smaller perforations form a thin layer of water to be created between the drum surface and laundry, cushioning it and ensuring that no creases are made while spinning is in process.

With the Miele W1 range of laundry appliances, you can rest assured that your clothes are being taken care of in the most effective and efficient way, becoming the treasured investments you cannot live without.

Available at all Miele authorised dealer stores across the country the range is priced at INR 84990 – INR 2, 99,990.



           Miele presents the all new T1 series Tumble Dryers for complete Laundry Care solutions


Miele introduces an all new generation of Tumble Dryers to put an end to your laundry blues. Appliances that bring about perfect drying of your laundry and make them fragrant at the same time.

The Miele T1 Tumble Dryers are perfect companions to the W1 Washing Machines certifying that your garments are perfectly dried, freshly scented, soft and fluffy. The following features will bowl you over yet another time.

Perfect Dry

This patented system uses mineral sensors to detect the wetness of clothes and adjusts duration of drying cycle accordingly. This ensures that the laundry is dried perfectly with reduced need for ironing and up to 12% saving of time and energy.


Miele introduces this exclusive feature that allows you to add a fragrance of your choice to the clothes during drying process resulting in bouncy and beautifully fragrant laundry. Each flacon has natural and safe fragrance that lasts up to 50 dry cycles depending on the intensity of scent selected. You could choose from Rose, Orient, Aqua, Cocoon and Nature.

Heat Pump

Miele Tumble Dryers are equipped with Heat Pump Technology which allows your machine to dry laundry to perfection thereby utilizing very low amounts of electricity as compared to industry standards. You will be surprised to see how the cycle completes itself in time much lesser than conventional dryers.

Steam Finish

A built-in steam programme that smoothens out creases, reducing the need for ironing.

Miele Honeycomb Drum

The patented honeycomb drum features larger hexagons than previous models guaranteeing that the laundry is cushioned by an air pocket system as it rises and falls during drying.

A feature added to dry your shoes and soft toys is the drying basket that sits seamlessly inside the drum.

Eco Feedback

Energy consumption and fluff filter condition are indicated to give you the option of adapting your personal behavioural patterns to maximise energy-saving potential.

Available at all Miele authorised dealer stores across the country the range is priced at INR 79990 – 2, 69,990.




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