CareCollection: Cleaning and care products specifically formulated for Miele appliances

6th July, 2015

Miele Care Collection


Fabric care goes a level ahead with the latest Miele CareCollection range designed to work harmoniously with the latest Miele appliances providing maximum performance for impressive laundry results. This extensive range of highly-efficient and high-concentration detergents and cleaning agents means you can use less product for even better results.

Customized Fabric Care

The Care Collection represents the quality and innovation Miele has been producing for past 115 years including the best liquid detergents, UltraPhase 1 and 2, caps – special capsules of laundry agents for specific fabrics; and fragrance flacons for a long-lasting fresh fragrance.

UltraPhase 1 and 2 Catridges

2-component detergent for whites and coloureds

  • For brilliant colours and spotlessly white laundry
  • Excellent stain removal properties even at low temperatures
  • No overdosing because eof automatic dispensing
  • Highly effective for 37 (Ultra Phase  1) and/or 50 (UltraPhase 2) wash loads



  • For wool and delicates
  • Special care factor based on wheat protein and with colour-protection formula
  • Special ingredients for protection against felting
  • Best wash results even at low temperatures



  • For persistent stains like grease and fruit
  • For brilliant wash results even at low temperatures
  • Suitable for white and coloured laundry


Fabric Conditioners

  • Particularly good for terry toweling
  • For soft bouncy laundry
  • Fragrances available:
  • Aqua – Pure and thorough cleanliness with a fresh scent
  • Cocoon – For a feeling of peace and harmony
  • Nature – A floral aroma and a natural well-balanced fragrance


For machines that do not have CapDosing or TwinDosing features, one can pick an Ultra Colour Liquid bottle of detergent made of a unique formula with advanced brighteners that effectively removes stains and protects vibrant colours, leaving garments with a gentle, soft feel; or a Fabric Softener bottle giving laundry a gentle, pleasant feel with a dash of freshness while preventing static cling in the tumble dryer; or WoolCare for Delicates Detergent bottle which is specially formulated for gentle yet thorough cleaning and care of textiles containing, silk, wool and other unique fabric blends.

Fresh fragrances developed in collaboration with renowned parfumeurs MANE for endearing scents on your garments lasting upto 4 weeks.

  • Fragrances available:
  • Aqua – Fresh, modern and sophisticated
  • Cocoon – Comforting and harmonious in its simplicity
  • Nature – Freshness and mellowness, perfectly balanced
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