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PerfectFresh Pro

Long-lasting freshness: ideal temperatures and high humidity keep fruit and veggies fresh up to 5 times longer. 

PerfectFresh Active

An ideal climate: active humidification and the perfect temperature keep food fresh up to 5 times longer.


Improved freshness for fruit and vegetables: The roomy drawer with adjustable moisture.

MasterCool – MasterFresh

Ideal climate: food stays fresh for up to 3 times longer due to perfect temperature and humidity.


Fresh ice, fully automatically: produces up to 100 ice cubes per day with ease thanks to fresh water connection.
 Refrigeration appliance convenience features


Opening made easy: even handleless appliances can be opened with ease thanks to the lever action.

FlexiLight 2.0 

Entirely glare-free: the illuminated shelves can be custom-positioned in the refrigerator for maximum flexibility.

Sabbath mode

The Sabbath mode serves to support religious customs. The interior lighting, all acoustic signals and the actual temperature display are all switched off when the appliance door is opened. The refrigerating and/or freezer performance of the appliance is not hindered in any way by the Sabbath mode, because the compressor continues to function.
 MasterCool convenience features 

MasterCool – Push2open

This unique appliance integrates perfectly into handleless kitchens, as the door opens when you press the front.

MasterCool – BrilliantLight

Soft and attractive: high-quality LED strips offer perfect illumination and a beautiful lighting mood.

MasterCool – MasterSensor

Convenient operation: numerous settings can be configured with the tap of a finger. 

MasterCool – SommelierSet

Everything you need to chill glasses, prepare wine for decanting and condition open bottles to perfection. 
 Wine unit convenience features


Just one movement: move individual slats so that large wine bottles are easy to store.


For individual labelling: every bottle rack features a removable, magnetic strip for labelling bottles on the rack.


Thought of everything: chilling glasses, preparing wine for decanting and conditioning open bottles to perfection.
 Domestic appliance networking

Connected Home with Miele@home*

With our innovative Miele@home system, you can exploit the full potential of your Miele appliances and make your everyday life even smarter. All intelligent Miele domestic appliances can be networked conveniently and securely. Operation is simple – whether you use the Miele app, voice control or integration into existing smart home solutions. The appliances are networked via a home WiFi router and the Miele Cloud.
Additional digital offer from Miele & Cie. KG. All smart applications are made possible with the Miele@home system. The range of functions can vary depending on the model and the country.
 Efficiency and sustainability
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K 12820 SD Freestanding refrigerator
K 12820 SDFreestanding refrigerator

practical interior space & versatile storage with Dynamic cooling

KFNS 7734 D Built-in fridge-freezer combination
KFNS 7734 DBuilt-in fridge-freezer combination

DynaCool, convenient LED lighting and NoFrost for optimum storage.

INR 369,990.00
KFNS 7784 D Built-in fridge-freezer combination
KFNS 7784 DBuilt-in fridge-freezer combination

FlexiLight 2.0, DynaCool, NoFrost and FlexiTray for maximum convenience. 

INR 414,990.00
K 31222 Ui Built-under refrigerator
K 31222 UiBuilt-under refrigerator

Compactly designed with a practical interior layout.

INR 229,990.00
KS 37422 iD Built-in refrigerator
KS 37422 iDBuilt-in refrigerator

with Dynamic cooling and FlexiLight for increased convenience and versatility.

INR 384,990.00
K 2801 Vi MasterCool refrigerator
K 2801 ViMasterCool refrigerator

For high-end design and technology on a large scale.

INR 1,299,990.00
FNS 7740 F Built-in freezer
FNS 7740 FBuilt-in freezer

with Frost free and eight freezer drawers for maximum convenience.

INR 319,990.00
F 2671 Vi MasterCool freezer
F 2671 ViMasterCool freezer

For high-end design and technology on a large scale.

INR 1,299,990.00
FNS 28463 E ed/cs Freestanding freezer
FNS 28463 E ed/csFreestanding freezer

With NoFrost and IceMaker for added convenience and fresh ice cubes any time.

INR 349,990.00
KWT 6834 SGS Freestanding wine unit
KWT 6834 SGSFreestanding wine unit

FlexiFrame and SommelierSet for the perfect enjoyment of your wine.

INR 973,990.00
KS 28463 D ed/cs Freestanding refrigerator
KS 28463 D ed/csFreestanding refrigerator

With PerfectFresh Pro and FlexiLight for longer freshness and optimum lighting.

INR 379,990.00
F 2411 Vi MasterCool freezer
F 2411 ViMasterCool freezer

For high-end design and technology on a large scale.

INR 1,139,990.00
KWT 2671 ViS MasterCool wine conditioning unit
KWT 2671 ViSMasterCool wine conditioning unit

For high-end design and technology on a large scale.

INR 1,589,990.00
KWT 6321 UG Built-under wine conditioning unit
KWT 6321 UGBuilt-under wine conditioning unit

Active charcoal filter & Dynamic cooling for best storage conditions in 2 zones.

INR 417,990.00
KFNS 7795 D Built-in fridge-freezer combination
KFNS 7795 DBuilt-in fridge-freezer combination

PerfectFresh Active, DynaCool and IceMaker for outstanding appearance.

INR 469,990.00
KF 2901 Vi MasterCool fridge-freezer
KF 2901 ViMasterCool fridge-freezer

For high-end design and technology on a large scale.

INR 1,499,990.00
KFN 15943 D edt/cs Freestanding fridge-freezer
KFN 15943 D edt/csFreestanding fridge-freezer

75 cm wide for plenty of storage space.

INR 429,990.00
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