The world of appliance networking

Welcome to the world of intelligent living. Would you like to know how your favourite pullover is being taken care of right now or whether the laundry is already dry? Always keep an eye on the refrigerator or freezer, no matter where it is placed in your home? Leave it up to the hob to control your cooker hood so you can concentrate fully on cooking your favourite food. Miele@home improves the practical jobs around the home and your quality of life. In additon to classic operation and monitoring of household appliances, the system provides versatile offerings and applications noticeably simplifying day-to-day routine tasks and leaving more time for the important things in life. Whether using the MobileControl, SmartStart or Con@ctivity 2.0 functions, you can make life easier for yourself and your appliances more efficient with Miele@home.
Basic solutions
Fixed control point at a central location
Enhanced solutions
Miele@mobile app
Everything at a glance
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