Precise control with intuitive operation

All new generation appliances are equipped with controls based on a common underlying logic. For example, the display is always centrally located - regardless of which user interface you choose. All user interfaces feature innovative display technology which excels with its brilliance, longevity, high resolution and high-end appeal in all its detail. The array of sensors is the central element of all user interfaces. It displays functions that should be directly available to you during a cooking process.
M Touch
With the innovative touch display you can quickly achieve your goal: the new M Touch display is simple to operate and self-explanatory. The appliances can be operated quickly and intuitively by pressing or swiping the clear text touch screen. Many functions can be chosen at the touch of a fingertip. The central display with white text and symbols on a black background ensures perfect visibility of information. Where user prompts are required, information is presented in colour.
Operating mode is selected by a single touch of one of the symbols positioned to the left of the display. The touch element to the right of the display is used to navigate through the various elements.
The control elements are designed in a similar way to DirectControl. The only difference: Information such as time settings, for example, is provided in a 7-segment LC display.
7-segment LCD display
On steam ovens, the minimalistic 7-segment display shows temperature and cooking duration. Settings are selected and confirmed using the integrated sensor controls.
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit