Dalad Kambhu

International woman of authenticity

Culturally at home in Thailand and a big player in the restaurant scenes of New York and Berlin, Dalad Kambhu is a true inspiration. She started out as a model and then made a name for herself as a chef. Armed with vision and compassion, though no traditional training in culinary arts, she has earned the highest recognition possible – a Michelin star.

"There should be more women where I am."

Dalad Kambhu on being the only woman awarded a Michelin star in 2019

Dalad's story

She insists her biography isn't a model-turned-chef story, rather it's about a woman who never gave up. Her passion for learning, experimenting and iterating has allowed her to achieve her creative best as a world-renowned chef.

Groundbreaking vision

The pursuit of low waste food preparation

Dalad is also committed to pursuing her passion in the most sustainable way possible. She often shares tips on how to reduce food waste and extend the life of fresh ingredients. Establishing new snack and storage routines make a significant difference, but it goes beyond this. Her decision to collaborate with Miele was supported by a shared commitment to sustainability, which is reflected in the technologies we hold dear – such as the PerfectFresh compartments that keep food perfectly fresh for longer and the sous-vide function for vacuum sealing food.

"My hope is to create a shift in thinking. Making our own snacks out of potato skins, freezing sliced bread – I want these and other ideas to come to mind first before we think about throwing things away."

In the zone

Your first impression of Dalad may be that of someone who is quiet and reserved. But don't let that fool you. She is a true force in the world of elite chefs, and she places high demands on both herself and the equipment that is privileged to receive space in her kitchen.

When she was deciding which appliance to try out first, she naturally gravitated towards the TwoInOne Hob. Its impressive cooking power with automatic extractor suction gives her the power and control she wants when cooking. The PowerFlex XL feature also brings water to its boiling point faster and impressively fits four large pots and pans, giving her the speed and flexibility she needs to reach her creative best.

Dalad will gladly confirm the TwoInOne offers instant power that you can instantly control. It is the appliance that lets you truly get into the zone.

"I lived for ten years in the city that never sleeps. That's why I like to work fast and furious."

Your turn?

Ready, set, cook!