Trust in the Miele W1 with TwinDos.

If it means the world to you, you’re in the best hands.
Miele. For everything you really love.

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Put a well-loved friend into the best hands.

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TwinDos: the best liquid detergent system

How to dispense detergent at the right time – automatically with Miele TwinDos. It dispenses the right amount at the right time at the touch of a button.

Save 30% detergent.

Using too much detergent pollutes the environment and wastes money. TwinDos automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent every time, impossible to do by hand.

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Save 30% detergent.

Confirmed by the Öko-Institut e.V. in Freiburg*.

* According to the Öko-Institut e.V. test from 06/09/2013: "Savings through automatic TwinDos dosage in washing machines"

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2-phase-dispensing system: washes for you, dispenses for you, perfect for you.

No matter if you are washing delicate T-shirts or soiled kids' clothes, colour or whites – the unique Miele 2-phase dispensing system gives you the best wash possible. Everything is perfectly clean again, including Teddy as the two detergents are added separately for optimum performance.

UltraPhase 1
Dissolves dirt

Surface dirt such as sand or soil are removed in UltraPhase 1 and easily flushed away with water.

… and removes stains.

UltraPhase 1 also dissolves greasy stains like chocolate or oil which are then easily rinsed away.

UltraPhase 2
Bleaching removes stubborn stains.

Spilt fruit juice or red wine? Thanks to UltraPhase 2 this isn’t a problem. During the washing programme the unique detergent-free bleaching agent is added to complete the job.

"Look, Grandma, Teddy is clean again."

Simply start the Miele W1 and relax as Teddy starts his wash because TwinDos knows how to clean him very gently.

Excellent results

The automatic Miele 2-phase detergent UltraPhase 1 and 2 is the best liquid detergent system on the market – for both coloureds and whites. As confirmed in tests by the renowned Hohenstein Institute*

* TEST-No. HL 13.2.10991 -

Miele. For everything you really love.

By being clean and fresh Teddy meets the requirements to be a favourite cuddly toy. We can start our friendship.

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